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Mobile Web

In 2008 an important milestone was reached when the number of mobile devices (Smartphones & Tablet Computers) exceeded internet usage over desktop computer-based systems. With the varying display sizes and operating systems on mobile devices, many companies have opted for micro-sites that will automatically redirect users to a simplified version of their website.

Bringing You The Best of Both Worlds

Based on a responsive grid framework, our flexible mobile designs will automatically adjust themselves based on your screen resolution (pictured right). We can also decide where individual devices are routed. For example, we can have your tablet automatically route to your main website while your phone is routed to your mobile website. Combine this technology with your mobile-friendly core site and you'll have the greatest exposure across all devices, computers, and operating systems.

Please contact our staff for more information on mobile web or use
our Mobile Simulator below for details.

mobile web


Tablet Simulator | Mobile Phone Simulator

Mouse-Over the links to your right to scroll screen contents up and down -->      Up | Down

Our Mobile Simulator was designed to give you an idea of the flexibiliy of our mobile website framework. This is just a product example
and the content contained in this simulation does not reflect the information contained in the actual client website.
Please visit Riverview Country Club Mobile for the actual site.

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